All people are motivated for something


Sometimes I meet leaders having staff members they describe as unmotivated: “She is totally uninterested in our future”, “He don´t contribute to the team any more” or “I can´t delegate anything to him, nothing gets done”.

Understanding other’s (and your own) motivation is key. Why? Because without motivation, you don´t get any or less action.

Begin exploring motivation by asking your employees these questions:

  1. What gives you challenge?
  2. What gives you meaning?
  3. What brings you joy?

By asking, you will create awareness, both for yourself and your employees. You will also get an understanding of behaviors that are driven by internal rewards, rather than external rewards. The intrinsic motivation.

If your staff members (or your own) motivation is outside your current work and workplace, my advice is clear. Don´t be afraid to change. Listen to yourself and work hard on creating opportunities to fulfil your motivational dreams. Life is too short to not have fun and enjoy!

If you or your staff need help to become more aware, please feel free to contact us at Takeachange. We offer career coaching!