5 advice to strongly commit to leadership growth

Have you ever been to a leadership training program and got some valuable insights? Leaving the training with an idea on what to change, but two weeks later being back in old routines?

Commitment can be seen as your promise to yourself and people around you. An agreement of what you will work hard on to improve. Strong commitment gives you the motivation, and enables support from your stakeholders, to continue implementing change.

5 ways to make your commitment strong:

  1. Pick something important, both for yourself and the people around you, to improve on. It must be meaningful to you.
  2. Pick only one thing. By focusing development on one specific behavior, you collect power.
  3. Be transparent. Show vulnerability and tell stakeholders what you want to get better at.
  4. Engage stakeholders. Ask them for feedback and advice on how to develop that specific behavior and show gratefulness by saying “Thank you”.
  5. Dare to fail forward. Honor your shortcoming as much as your progress, to continue to be committed.

Commitment is truly the bridge from awareness to practice, and we have made it a central part in the Takeachange learning model.

If you have other ideas on how to make a strong commitment, please feel free to make a comment and share your thoughts!

//Frank Ekelund

a committed partner and co-founder at Take A Change