We are agents of positive change.

We are agents of positive change. We are a leadership consultancy, specialists in mentorship and coaching. Our commitment is to help leaders show measurable results.

Our mission is simple, we help clients commit to change, practice and achieve visible results. Developing not only the leader but just as importantly their teams and their organization.

The most fundamental leadership skill is self-awareness. Self-Awareness helps you understand your emotions and how they impact on your performance. Our learning model and coach approach is built on the Foundation of Emotional Intelligence.

Our Model

Taking a change demands SELF-AWARENESS, COMMITMENT to change and dedication to the PRACTICE of new habits. By applying our well proven learning model, change becomes achievable and easily measured.

"Det kan låta självklart, men utan värdefull coaching från Takeachange hade jag nog inte vågat testa och lita till att mitt nya agerande skulle ge de resultat jag önskade."

Rebecca Källström, Chef Företagande & Analys LRF

"Jag har fått bekräftat att jag har nått fram till och kunnat göra skillnad för någon annan. Jag har lärt mig lyssna bättre, ställa frågor och inte ge svar."

Mentor, Adeccos mentorprogram

"I can highly recommend the coaching program as it’s as enlightening as it is fun!"

Monika Werthén, Head of Marketing Nordic, Uber

”Jag hade ett behov av att reda i vem jag är och vem jag vill vara som ledare”

Lisa Ehde Chef -LRF Mjölk

"Jag behövde få hjälp att utvecklas som ledare och att hitta en balans i mitt arbete och privatliv."

Sofia Lord, Regionchef Region 3 Stockholm

"The program is very well structured and was tailormade to my specific needs."

Monika Werthén, Head of Marketing Nordic, Uber

”Jag har roligare på jobbet och känner mig säkrare i min roll”

Lisa Ehde Chef -LRF Mjölk

"Jag fick en ny större roll där största utmaningen var att motivera teamet igenom en stor förändring och samtidigt fortsätta leverera försäljning enligt plan."

Anna Elmblad, Head of Commercial Operations, Trimb Healthcare

"Jag har fått perspektiv på mitt sätt att leda andra och insikt i hur jag dagligen påverkar människor i min omgivning."

Sofia Lord, Regionchef Region 3 Stockholm

"Jag har fått en balans mellan mitt arbete och privatliv och har insett att ”jobbet faktiskt inte alls är den viktigaste delen i mitt liv”. Det har lett till att jag är närvarande i min roll som både mamma, fru och chef."

Sofia Lord, Regionchef Region 3 Stockholm


Learning starts with recognizing our mental biases and blind spots-facing truths.


Before you can make changes you have to know what there is to work with.

Our leadership assessments, enabling participants understand past experiences, current leadership abilities, and future potential.


Leaders can only change if they want to change.


Leaders grow if they clearly define what’s important to improve on, involve stakeholders around them and start to engage.

In our model, organizational anchoring and stakeholders feed-forward are fundamental tools building greater levels of commitment and accountability for habits and performance.


Leadership growth is not only a cognitive process but a daily creation of new behaviors and habits.


There is a difference between simply knowing something, and applying that knowledge.

Our coaching process and scorecard tools encourages continuous practice and accountability for making new habits sustainable.


What results are achieved through successful coaching?


Research proves that when awareness, commitment and practice are fully implemented, results are observable and measurable.

Our Services

Using our learning model of Self-Awareness, Commitment and Practice all our services include the same three elements.

Simply put, our services help leaders select something important to improve on and apply their new understanding of their leadership.


A truly powerful coaching program fostering a sustainable coaching culture throughout the entire organisation. The program emphasises involvement of stakeholders whereby actively seeking feedback makes change become part of daily interactions. The coaching fees are subject to measurable leadership growth which means a No Growth, No Pay success guarantee.

  • 9-12 month program
  • 360 assessment and report
  • Leadership Development Plan
  • Growth progress mini surveys
  • No Growth, No Pay success guarantee
  • Results measured by the stakeholders


This program allows leaders and their managers to engage in a honest dialogue about the leader’s strengths and areas for improvement, as well as planning for implementation of change. Leadership growth, is evaluated and measured by the two parties.

  • 6 month program
  • EQ assessment and report
  • Leadership Development Plan
  • Anchored implementation of Plan
  • Results measured by the leader and his/her Manager


A coaching program with zero or limited external input from stakeholders. Suitable for goals aligned with better and more rewarding personal or professional performance or exploring a new career path. The results of the coaching program are measured exclusively by the participant.

  • 3-6 month program
  • EQ assessment and report
  • Leadership Development Plan
  • Results measured by the participant


The organization’s pre-determined common needs for leadership development set the guideline for every participants’ coaching program. A fully transparent program meaning that HR and Executives have an overview and visibility into what their leaders are working on and their progress.

  • 5-10 coaching session program
  • Assessment and report
  • Leadership Development Plan
  • Anchored implementation of Plan
  • Overview of progress
  • Development follow-ups and reporting to HR
  • Results measured by the stakeholders


Research proves that three conditions are essential for group effectiveness trust among members, a sense of group identity and a sense of group efficacy. We teach teams to recognize their emotional processes, helping them to build effective behaviours and to deal with obstacles that hinder performance. We work progressively through our learning model, the team continuously measure their own progress.

  • Team assessment
  • Team Development Plan
  • 5-10 coaching sessions
  • Results measured by the participants


The program is suited for leaders seeking support from a senior Mentor offering experience from similar challenges. We match requirements to our carefully selected mentors. We support them to connect and work by our structured Mentorship method and learning model, reaching goals, The program’s success is measured by both parties.

  • 9-month program
  • Mentor training – EQ assessment and report for the mentor
  • Start-up meeting, introduction to the process
  • Mentorship handbook, follow-up and support
  • Results measured by Mentor and Mentee


We drive development through our learning model enriching the organisation, facilitating networking, learning and retention. The program gives mentees an customized opportunity for development and Mentors a unique opportunity to develop their leadership. The program’s success is measured by the organisation and the two parties.

  • 6-10 Individual Mentorship sessions
  • 3 Mentorship Learning Labs
  • Leadership Development Plan
  • Anchored implementation of Plan
  • Mentorship handbook and support
  • Development follow-ups and reporting to HR
  • Results measured by organisation, Mentor
    and Mentee

Meet a Coach

We are recognized and experienced leadership coaches and experts in the process of learning and the psychology of coaching. We view mistakes with a fail-forward mentality, seizing the opportunity to learn, improve and change. We measure our own results through the results of our clients.

Agneta Åkerhielm



Kaj Hedlund

Executive Coach


Annette Grahn



Frank Ekelund



April E Wickström

Executive Coach



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